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What can be more exciting than going on holiday? There’s nothing we love more than getting another stamp on your passport and exploring exciting new destinations. Planning your trip, places visit, checking local excursions are all part of the excitement. But one mistake most of us make is packing too much!

Not only is it often not necessary to take so many clothes and accessories, but it can also cost you money if your suitcase ends up weighing more than your allocated luggage allowance.

You need to become a pro packer, and aim to fit a weeks worth of holiday items into your hand luggage bag. This will cost you less and it stops you taking your whole wardrobe on the plane. Here are some top tips.

1) Wear your heaviest clothing to travel in, such as trousers and a sweatshirt or jacket to keep you warm on cooler evenings.

2)  Invest in a lightweight suitcase or bag. That way you can afford to pack a bit more in there.

3)  Don’t pack anything that you can buy out in resort, such as shampoo and conditioner. It’s often cheaper when you buy it abroad anyway. You’re likely to be provided with towels and a hairdryer at your hotel too.

4)  Be ruthless with your clothing. Whatever clothes you think you’re going to need, get rid of at least a third. You’ll probably spend most of your time in your swimwear.

5)  Roll, don’t fold. Not only does it save space, but it avoids creases too. Tuck underwear into the gaps and stick rolled up socks inside shoes.

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Packed suitcase for holiday

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